21 May 2018

At First Press Marketing, our aim is simple – we wake up each morning and work relentlessly to help our clients find new ways to sell more, while building better, more lasting relationships with the right customers. We work exclusively with companies in the beverage industry, helping them distill the right brand story, create dynamic platforms where they can tell it, and then effectively convert interested prospects into dedicated consumers and passionate brand disciples.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we offer marketing and channel development services to domestic and international wine, beer and premium spirits producers. Our clients sell more than 1.5 million cases of fine wines, spirits and beer across Canada each year. Over 15 years, we have worked with market leading luxury brands, new market entrants, long-established family companies, dynamic young start-ups and everything in between. From increasing general brand awareness, to specific tactical and campaign based solutions, we offer a full-range of marketing services to beverage producers who want to sell more in Canada.

We offer clients a clear point of difference from other marketing agencies, in that we live and breathe your products – there is no learning curve when you make the choice to work with us. We bridge the gap between dynamic, creative and effective marketing and the kind of innate product expertise critical to successful implementation and outcomes. Our experience includes everything from the most modern digital and web-based tactics and applications, through more tried and true conventional face-to-face customer interactions.

Our clients best interests are always served by inclusive, ethical and transparent business practices. We succeed because we respect consumers and tirelessly pursue better insight into what they want. We apply this knowledge and help our clients foster genuine and compelling relationships with the right end users. Our clients win when we connect their great products with enthusiastic customers through dynamic and engaged story-telling and experiential marketing. Respect and ethical treatment of our clients – and your customers – are non-negotiable pillars of how we do business.